Dilip Chhabria

It is said that if you love what you do for a living then you will never see it as ‘just a job’. By that maxim Dilip Chhabria has possibly never ever worked a day in his life. For him the business of car design and modification is an amalgamation of his passion, hobby and work.

In DC we see the marriage of an artist’s sensibilities and an engineer’s mind. He infuses each of his projects with an aesthetic awareness while simultaneously pushing the machine’s capabilities to a new level. Every DC creation is a signature extension of the artist’s personality and while never two of his products are the same, they are instantly recognizable as having made by the same master.
DC is also an accomplished painter and sculptor. The DC Art Gallery at Atria Mall, Worli showcases his work which has been executed in a variety of mediums from oil to acrylic. For the propagation of his unique thinking and approach to automotive design DC has partnered with the D Y Patil Group to start DYPDC Center for Automotive Research and Studies which will nurture the next generation of Indian automotive designers.

Behind every successful business is a person whose passion and vision drives every facet of the organization. DC has become the authority in automotive design in India by single mindedly following his passion.